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Rencontre shih tzu

rencontre shih tzu

Shih Tzus femmes annonces equateur have sensitive eyes that need to be kept clean.
This causes a varying degree of behavioral issues, such as, but not limited to separation anxiety, guarding, growling, snapping, and even biting.
Pet owners with allergies can also rejoice in the fact that the breeds coat is considered hypoallergenic.She prefers to sit on the couch and watch TV on our relaxing evenings together."My life has been made better because of her." "Mei Lee is truly one of a kind.In the Chinese pronunciation the "ds" is pronounced the same as the "ds" at the end of the word "words." It is Chinese Mandarin, and translates directly to "lion." That is where the term "lion dog" comes from.She is 6 months old in the photo.As with many other dog breeds, the Shih Tzu is prone to some health conditions.Owners who allow their dogs to take over may find them to be snappish if they are surprised or peeved.Litter Size, about 2 to 6 puppies Grooming These little dogs require a good daily grooming using a bristle brush.Owners should also look out for breathing issues (brachycephalic syndrome is a common Shih Tzu problem as well as eye irritation and discharge.The head is round and broad, and wide between the eyes.She has such a great little personality, although she isn't the most active little dog.

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Stopping an intruder, though, well that isn't their specialty.